How To Find A Low-Cost Furnace Pilot Light Repair

If you have a furnace pilot light in Los Angeles, California, you know the problems that they can cause. When a pilot light gets lost or destroyed, you do not have the chance to replace it in time for your service. Finding a way to repair it yourself can help you save money.


Finding a new replacement furnace pilot can save you money and allow you to avoid any service call. These devices are electrical fixtures used to control airflow. They are small enough to fit easily into your furnace. There are two types of pilot lights, the one that is under the burner and the other is on top of the pilot. The one on top of the pilot light works as a heat regulator.


When the pilot light gets turned on and off by your furnace, it regulates the temperature of the air. This allows your furnace to run at a steady temperature without problems. However, if your pilot light burns out or does not work properly, it may cause problems for your furnace. You will be able to find a replacement if you are using a pilot light repair in Los Angeles. There are several things that you need to take into consideration before making the decision to choose a replacement furnace pilot.

Causes for Gas Furnace Pilot Light Goes Out

There is a range of reasons why a pilot light goes out; some you can fix yourself, others will require you to ask the help of a professional.


  • Draft – A draft is where there’s a sudden gust of air powerful enough to blow out your pilot light. This problem you can fix yourself. Just simply relight the pilot light and secure the area where the draft might be coming from.
  • Faulty Thermocouple – A faulty thermocouple causes your pilot light to constantly go out. If this gas sensor malfunctions, gas will still continue to flow out even when the light is out, posing a threat to your family and household. This is where you immediately call for a professional for repairs.

Pilot Light Maintenance

Homeowners are usually advised to use duct tape to cover the holes so that they do not bleed out and cause the furnace to lose heat. They should also use heat resistant tape to seal the hole so that they do not melt. Your furnace will be running smoothly after you fix the pilot light. You should notice an increase in the speed of your furnace in the evenings and an increase in the amount of heat that it produces. If you do not have the pilot light repair option available to you, you may want to consider using this repair option to fix your furnace pilot. You will end up saving money and reducing the amount of time that you have to wait for the next service.


You can follow the steps on the manual to try and relight the pilot light, but if you fail to do so over and over again, give us a call and we’ll immediately be there to repair your pilot light. Our skilled crew and technicians are able to provide you with quick and efficient assistance regarding pilot light repairs and more.


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